Chicken Tikka Wrap By Shafali’s

Our famous Chicken Tikka wrap
is an inventive take on a traditional recipe

Are you ready to experience this delightful taste from the streets of South Asia? Take one bite into our famous chicken tikka wrap and you’ll take a trip into heaven. Filled with mildly marinated chicken breast roasted on skewers in a tandoori oven, it’s no surprise that our chicken tikka wrap was named as one of Ottawa Magazine’s 101 Tastes to Try Before you Die. As a succulent and filling meal, it has become a favourite among our customers.

So how are we able to transport this delightful taste straight from the bustling street markets in South Asia and bring it over to our Nation’s Capital? We pour a lot of love into each of our dishes and the chicken tikka wrap is no different. In addition to the passion that goes into crafting every wrap, each one is packed with fresh, top quality ingredients, which include garden vegetables and Grade A meat. The naan bread is baked right before your eyes in a traditional tandoori oven. After the bread has been baked to perfection, one of our experienced cooks tops it with mouth-watering chicken that has been marinated in a special blend of flavourful spices. It is then cooked in a wood burning tandoori oven to give the meat that deliciously smoky, North Asian tandoori kick. What’s even better is that while it fills the bellies of countless satisfied customers, it is also a healthy meal option.


Chicken Tikka Wrap

It’s All about the Secret Sauce!

There exists several versions and takes on the chicken tikka wrap but what makes Shafali’s extra special is the sauce. Ah yes, it’s always the sauce isn’t it? Our chicken tikka wrap is topped with our secret signature sauce that sets it apart from other tandoori chicken dishes, which is usually blanketed in white sauce. Shafali’s orange sauce has gone through several taste tests. This scrutiny we put it under has ensured its success as a familiar, homemade taste to the discerning diners of Ottawa. This special sauce, along with its undeniably tasty flavour, was carefully crafted by Shafali’s proud owner and South Asian food connoisseur, Salim Uddin. Nothing tops a food lover’s touch when it comes to crafting a delectable sauce!

If you have yet to sink your teeth into a chicken tikka wrap from Shafali, we invite you to visit any one (or both!) of our convenient Ottawa locations, and have an experience that any foodie would die for.

Chicken Tikka Wrap Available at Two Convenient Locations

Shafali Dalhousie

Shafali Bazaar - ByWard Market

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